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The Buddy Walk and new addition December 13, 2008

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The 8th Annual Houston Buddy Walk went on last Saturday (12-06). We had a blast, and got a lot of good ideas for next year. Thank you to everyone that came out to spend the day with us. 😀 If you signed up but couldn’t make it I have your shirts. I’ll post pictures later.


In other wonderful news, Lincoln is going to have a little sister!!! Her name is going to be Isabella Marie (Bella for short). She is due May 23rd, and we are so excited to be having a little girl. 😀


A quick update November 6, 2008

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So apparently I’m not very good at updating this blog. I will try to get better at it I promise! haha

Toni, our nutrionist, came out to see us on Monday, and she is very happy with Lincoln’s weight gain and growth. His proportions are great, and she said not to worry because he is eating like a champ. So yay for hungry babies! haha

We found out last month that Lincoln is going to be a big brother! His little sibling is due May 23rd, and hopefully we can find out the sex right around Christmas. 😀

The buddy walk has been moved to December 6th from 12-4. Registration starts at 11, and new walkers are more than welcome to join up at the walk, but you may not get a shirt. Make sure you bring cash because the parking only takes cash and same with the consessions. If you want to check out what it’s all about the link is in my previous post.

Well, we are getting ready to head out to go meet Staci and John’s newest addition, so I hope everyone has a great day!


Hello! August 16, 2008

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Since people have been asking me to send pictures I thought that this would be the best way to keep everyone updated on Lincoln’s progress with therapy and growth.

His therapy is going very well, he has actually started scooting backwards! He feeds himself too, which is wonderful because now I can clean the kitchen while he eats. 🙂

We are getting ready for The Buddy Walk next month (Sept 27th.). We are so excited to be apart of it this year, we didn’t find out about it last year until after it had passed. if you want to check out how much we have raised, or if you want to donate/join our team (Lincoln’s Monster Marchers).

And now for the pictures.

I took 2 pictures of him today at Ryan and Jenny’s baby shower. The grass around our house is pretty rough, so today was the first day he got to play in the grass.


He got his haircut last month, and he was moving so much we couldn’t really get a good picture, we did get one though.

I got this one while we were waiting for daddy to get his hair cut. 🙂